Jeff Buckley’s Unknown Guitar

Jeff was first seen using the guitar circa 1985. At that time he was in Los Angeles and playing in a band called Group Therapy. He continued using the guitar until around 1989 when he was seen playing it with The Wild Blue Yonder. [The Wild Blue Yonder 1989-1991]

This guitar is, unfortunately, a mystery. The exact model is currently not identified, and until it is, all further research is on halt. The body does seem to resemble some Ovation models from the 80s, like the Viper, but the headstock is where it gets confusing. 

For any feedback, please be sure to leave a comment below. Images of the guitar are available here: Jeff Buckley with an unknown guitar.

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Chris Palmer
Chris Palmer
5 months ago

No I’m not sure but I might have that guitar I got an old guitar on a trade or an iPhone and you know I mess with it did some pain on and stuff I noticed a signature on it but I didn’t pay much attention until I took the neck off of it on the inside of the neck on the body and the neck it was his name was on both of them in the number on both same number they both said Buckley and had the number

Chris Palmer
Chris Palmer
5 months ago

Yeah something funny also when I took the neck off an old swizzle stick fill out an old one just a piece of it might be used it as a shim or something


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