Jeff Buckley’s Series 10 Professional “Flower” Telecaster

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According to a post made over at JBCommunity forums, Jeff got this guitar as a gift after a gig played in Lyon, France in October 1994, from a guy called Jean-Marc who worked at the avenue. For the full story please refer to The Story of the “Flower” Guitar.

The guitar was apparently a cheap Korean knock-off that didn’t play too well, but it attracted Jeff’s attention anyways, mostly because of the groovy flower finish on the body. He used the guitar a few times at least, most notably during a gig played at MTV London on March 3, 1995.

Series 10 Flower Telecaster
A Series 10 Professional Telecaster, identical to the one that Jeff played. Photo credit: Marc Macaspac

The Mystery Behind the Brand

Based on the photos, it is clear that the guitar that Jeff himself used had a Series 10 brand on the headstock. However, there seem to be many different versions of this guitar, perhaps not all made by the same manufacturer.

The best info that the internet has to offer about the Series 10 brand is that it was owned by a company called Bently (sometimes also labeled Bentley – with an “e”). The company operated from Korea and was supposedly owned by an American company called St. Louis Music. It’s also not exactly clear whether Series 10 was a model name or the company rebranded from Bently to Series 10 at some point.

(on the right) A flower Telecaster with “Saturday Night Special” printed on the headstock. Photo credit: S. Chaney

Next to that, occasionally one can stumble upon Flower Telecasters with a brand “Saturday Night Special Professional Guitars” printed on the headstock. These seem to be identical to Series 10 models, aside from the headstock shape. This raises the possibility of the original company rebranding a number of times, or there were simply multiple companies producing the same model.


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Scott Chaney
Scott Chaney
1 year ago

I happen to come across one of those flower teles years ago. Still have it and love it.

Robynn Mexico
Robynn Mexico
10 months ago

I have one of these for sale now. Has been professionally set up with new strings, low action, and a nice thick padded gig bag for $300

Dalton A
Dalton A
8 months ago
Reply to  Robynn Mexico

Do you still have this guitar for sale?

Robynn Mexico
Robynn Mexico
8 months ago
Reply to  Dalton A

No, sold it a month ago. I have a different one now for sale. A Memphis Les Paul in mint condition with original hard case. Asking $600, and won’t take less than $500 for it

3 months ago

Would love one of these. Looks so cool.

26 days ago

I have one of these. I love it. It plays awesome. I think its a warmouth neck. I had a hummer put in the middle . Use it all the time. Is there somewhere on these guitars that has an identifying mark.? I am trying to att. a pic send a pic if that would help.

Gordy full bod flower guitar.jpg