Jeff Buckley’s Les Paul (Copy)

access_time First seen circa 1980

When Jeff was 14 years old, he received a Paul guitar as a birthday present from his mother and his stepfather.

Then when he was about 14 (1980), for his birthday, he asked for [this part cuts of during the video, so it’s not positive that these are exact words] a guitar, a real guitar. And that’s when we all chipped in to get him the Les Paul.

Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You Documentary (5:30)

According to Jeff’s friend, Jason Hamel, who was kind enough to provide some details about the guitar, Jeff had this Les Paul when the two first met, in 1981. Jason also suspects that Jeff got the guitar way before his 14th birthday (1980) since only a year late he could already play some serious stuff. As he points out, it is also possible that Jeff had a guitar prior to this which he used to practice on.

Jeff was still 14 in September of 81, and he was such an incredible guitarist by that point that I would have to assume he’d been playing for years already. Don’t know if he had another guitar before that.

Jason Hamel – via email

Be that as it may, also according to Jason, in 1982 Jeff switched to a different guitar, Ovation Viper, which he purchased at Pete’s Music. Apparently, the Les Paul had a really sharp saddle on it that kept breaking strings, so the Viper was a much-needed upgrade (thanks Jason).

As a final note, it is important to note that this is not the same guitar that Jeff used in the 90s, which was an original Gibson Les Paul Custom. Jeff first Les Paul, although also black in similar in appearance, was a Gibson knockoff/copy.

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access_time 1991

1983 Fender Telecaster Toploader

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Series 10 "Flower" Telecaster

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access_time 1995

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Chronologically looking, this was the second Les Paul that Jeff owned and played. However, it was the first legitimate Gibson model, since the first guitar wasm according to the most sources, a knockoff. Jeff’s First Les Paul At this point, it is important to establish histories behind the two Les Pauls. For the longest time, people (including us) thought that that the Les Paul that Jeff received for his 14th […]

access_time 1985

Unknown Guitar

Jeff was first seen using the guitar circa 1985. At that time he was in Los Angeles and playing in a band called Group Therapy. He continued using the guitar until around 1989 when he was seen playing it with The Wild Blue Yonder. [The Wild Blue Yonder 1989-1991] This guitar is, unfortunately, a mystery. The exact model is currently not identified, and until it is, all further research is on halt. […]

access_time 1994

Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo

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access_time 1982

1980s Ovation Viper

This Ovation was used by Jeff sometime in the early to mid-80s. There’s a photo of him with the guitar, which seems to have been taken prior to his college days. According to Jeff’s friend, Jason Hamel, this guitar was purchased in 1982, as a replacement for Jeff’s old Les Paul knockoff. The Ovation Viper was purchased at Pete’s Music. My friend Dave Judy says he sold it to him. […]

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