First seen circa 1994

Jeff Buckley’s Dunlop Tortex Standard .73mm Guitar Picks

Although Jeff often played just with his fingers, when he needed a pick, it seems that the yellow .73mm Dunlop Tortex Standard picks were his main choice. If you happen to come across a photo or a video where he’s using anything but these, please be sure leave a comment below.

Also note that these are Tortex Standard picks with an oval edge, as opposed to something like a more modern Tortex TIII which has a sharp and pointy edge. If you’re in the market for the same exact picks that Jeff used, you can order them from Amazon for relatively cheap in a pack of 72 – Dunlop Tortex Standard, 0.73mm, Yellow Guitar Pick, 72 Pack

You’d often see Jeff sticking a bunch of Dunlop .73mm Tortex picks in his microphone stand, in order to have them handy in case he drops the one he’s currently using. Photo source: YouTube


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