Jeff Buckley’s 1980s Ovation Viper

This Ovation was used by Jeff sometime in the early to mid-80s. There’s a photo of him with the guitar, which seems to have been taken prior to his college days.

According to Jeff’s friend, Jason Hamel, this guitar was purchased in 1982, as a replacement for Jeff’s old Les Paul knockoff.

The Ovation Viper was purchased at Pete’s Music. My friend Dave Judy says he sold it to him. He used that all through high school and GIT.

Jason Hamel – email
Jeff Buckley playing an Ovation Viper, the early 80s. Photo credit: Unknown

Jeff’s band-mate at the time, John Lindsey, who contacted us via email, noted that Jeff played the guitar through a Roland JC-120 during their time together. Jeff played and recorded with John, Tim Marse, and Dan Roth, and the band did a number of Genesis covers, The Police, and U2, but were also working on original music. As John noted, at the time Jeff wasn’t really interested in singing much. He was more into playing his guitar and stretching what he could do on it. (thanks John!)


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