David Gilmour’s 1965-69 Fender Stratocaster

David used this guitar very briefly in 1970, mainly as a backup for his white Stratocaster. According to the book Pink Floyd: The Black Strat, he purchased the guitar at Manny’s Music store in New York at the start of Pink Floyd’s 1970 US tour.

Based on the few instances of footage that we have of the guitar, it was a late 60s model with a rosewood fretboard and a large headstock.

David Gilmour playing his late 60s Stratocaster in 1970.
David Gilmour playing his late 60s Stratocaster in 1970.

Unfortunately, at the end of the tour, a truck that was carrying most of the band’s equipment, including both of David’s Stratocaster, was stolen. Even though it was later found, the two guitars were already taken from it, and they were never recovered.

This left David with no Stratocasters to his name and pushed him to purchase a new one – a 1969 model, which would later become known as the “Black Strat”.


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