David Gilmour’s 1960s Fender Telecaster

David received this Fender Telecaster guitar in March 1967 as a present from his parents for his 21st birthday. It was the guitar he had with him when he joined Pink Floyd, and the guitar he used with his early band, Bullitt.

I started out on a Telecaster before I joined Pink Floyd, and it was the first really good guitar I had. I’ve used Telecasters ever since, though I play Strats a bit more and that’s what I’m generally known for.

David Gilmour – Guitar Shop, December 1996
Dave Gilmour wth his white Fender Stratocsater.
Dave Gilmour with his white Fender Stratocaster.

David’s Telecaster had a white finish, rosewood neck, and white pickguard. Unfortunately, we don’t know the year of manufacture. It did have a three-ply pickguard, which would mean that it was made after 1964, but aside from that, it’s all just speculation.

David used the guitar from 1967 to July 1968, when it was lost due to an airline company’s mistake during the band’s trip to America and never recovered. After that, David was left with a single guitar – a white Fender Stratocaster that Pink Floyd bought for him when he joined the band.


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