Dave Grohl’s ProCo RAT Distortion

This seems to be one of Dave’s main distortion pedals, although it’s hard to find information on the specific uses.

He did mention in an interview regarding the 1999 album There Is Nothing Left to Lose that he used a ProCo RAT a lot combined with a Vox AC30 amp on specific songs like Stacked Actors, but as said, these statements regarding specific uses are rare.

I actually tuned my low E string down to A, so it was flopping all over the place. That’s the Rat pedal through the Vox. [Engineer} Adam Kaspar recorded the last Soundgarden record, and he had worked with R.E.M., so he was good with those Vox and Maverick amps–I had never used them before. So we were all really into the Vox AC-30 with the Rat pedal because it sounded badass. It sounded warm and kind of fucked up, not like the razor-sharp distortion of a Rectifier. It was something a little fatter, a little warmer, and a little more believable.

Rockin’ Grohl Hoochie Foo – Guitar One 1999


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