Dave Grohl’s Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier

Apparently, this was one of the amps that were heavily utilized on the Foo Fighters’ second album The Colour and the Shape (1997). This information can be deducted from Dave’s quote below – in which he talked about the amps used on the band’s third album.

We also used a MESA/Boogie Maverick–it’s a little head. But we tried to stay away from the MESA/Boogie Dual or Triple Rectifier sound because we did that on the last record a lot.

Rockin’ Grohl Hoochie Foo – Guitar One 1999

This of course means that some of the band’s biggest hits including Everlong, My Hero, and Monkey Wrench were all recorded on Mesa/Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifier amps – or at least the parts of the dongs that are heavy/distorted. The clean parts were likely done on a Vox AC30.

The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl guitar amp setup at Bizarre Festival 2000.
The band’s guitar amp setup at Bizarre Festival 2000. Two Mesa/Boogie Dual, and two Vox AC30 (second is to the right of Dave).


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