Dave Grohl’s Gibson Dave Grohl Signature DG-335

This has been Dave’s main guitar ever since it has been introduced by Gibson in 2007. The guitar is basically a Gibson Trini Lopez with Dave’s own touches on it, which makes sense since he said numerous times that the Trini Lopez is his favorite guitar of all time.

Dave playing his DG-335 signature guitar from Gibson.
Dave playing his DG-335 signature guitar from Gibson.


The DG-335 features a semi-hollow-body design made of maple and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. The f-holes, fretboard inlays, and headstock shape were all taken directly from the Trini Lopez model.

The first major difference, when compared to the Trini Lopez model, is seen in the bridge setup. The original vintage TL models have their unique trapeze style tailpieces, while the DG-335 Dave Grohl model has the more modern Tune-o-Matic plus Stoptail piece setup.

Dave with one of his DG-335 guitar in 2022.
Dave with one of his DG-335 guitar in 2022.

The second difference is of course the pickups. Dave choose the Burstbucker humbucker as the pickup to be used in his signature model. The first run of the guitars ran the Burstbucker type 1 & 2 set, but it’s unknown whether this changed at all during the more recent times.


Most of the time, Dave uses a DG-335 that’s finished in a Pelham Blue color. However, Gibson also released a black model in 2007, and Dave was seen occasionally with one – although very rarely.

More recently, Gibson added a third finish option called Metallic Gold. It seems that Dave still prefers the original Pelham Blue though, as he rarely uses guitars with these two “custom” finishes.

Dave using a black/ebony DG-335. Wembley, 2008.
A relatively rare occurrence of Dave using a black/ebony DG-335. Wembley, 2008.


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11 months ago

He also has a white one now for the new stuff on the new album’s tour

Last edited 11 months ago by Daniel
11 months ago

The Metallic Gold option is his Drop D Guitar