Dave Grohl’s D’Addario EXL115 Electric Guitar Strings

According to Dave’s guitar tech, Joe Beebe, Dave uses the D’Addario EXL115 strings on his electric guitars, with some modifications. Joe puts heavier strings on the top for Dave, with .42 for the A-string and .60 for the E, compared to .038 and .049 respectively on the original EXL115 set.

I use D’Addario EXL 115s, but I throw the bottom two strings away and I replace them with a .42 for the A-string and a .60 for the E-string.

He is such a hard player; he’s a chainsaw live! He was breaking strings a lot, so I had to beef up the gauges a bunch and I also have to raise the action on him, otherwise he’s hitting the strings so hard all it would do is buzz all day long!

Joe Beebe – Performing-Musician.com (page is offline now)


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