Dave Grohl’s Boss Digital Delay DD-3

Dave used this pedal on his most recent pedalboard, a photo of which was published on Reddit in 2021. There are also photos of his pedalboard dating to earlier years, all of which seem to feature this pedal.

It’s very hard to tell which version of the Boss Digital Delay this is, because the differences between let’s say a DD-3 and a DD-8 are very subtle, at least visually. But, based on the fact that the “A” and “B” labels don’t seem to be present next to the input/output marks, this is likely a DD-3.

Dave Grohl’s pedalboard, 2021.

As far as usage, obviously, one of the delays is dedicated to playing the song “Aurora” since it’s clearly labeled for that purpose. The other pedal could is probably the “all purpose” delay, and is used as needed.


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