Dave Grohl’s 1970s Telecaster Custom

Dave started using this guitar following the release of There Is Nothing Left to Lose in 1999. Apparently, he used a Telecaster on some of the songs from that album, so it would make sense that he would take one tour – even though this was quite a change. Up until that point he used Gibsons basically exclusively.

Guitar-wise, [on There Is Nothing Left to Lose] I used my Gibson Trini Lopez, a Fender Telecaster, a Gretsch Duo-Jet, some Les Pauls, Explorers, and RD Artists.

Rockin’ Grohl Hoochie Foo – Guitar One 1999
Dave with the Telecaster, The 10:30 Slot, 1999


As far as the exact model and specs – the guitar looks to be vintage, based on the wear and the overall state. Most likely, this is an original 70s model, which was Fender’s second version of the Telecaster Custom produced from 1972 to 1981. This second version, as opposed to the first which was basically just a standard Tele with a bound body, boasted a Seth Lover-designed humbucker in the neck position.


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