Brian May’s Guyton “Green Twin” Replica

This is a replica of the Red Special built by Andrew Guyton. It’s one of the two prototypes built by Andrew in 2004 before he started producing a limited run of these guitars that could be purchased by the public.

Andrew started building the guitar in 2003, after having measured the original Red Special, and after having it X-rayed so that all the cavities of the body could be seen as well.

It was arranged for the guitar to be x-rayed at St.Barts hospital in London. With this new information. My aim was to make possibly the closest replica yet, not only had the x-rays shown the size and shape of the cavities, they also showed the method of securing the knife-edge and body/neck construction that simply hadn’t been available by general examination of the guitar.

The story of the Guyton Red Special
Brian playing the Guyton green replica in 2014.
Brian playing the Guyton green replica in 2014.

He presented the prototypes to Brian in 2004, and after Brian examined them and made a few minor modifications, Andrew was given a green light to start producing the limited run on 50 guitars.

Brian kept at least one of the prototypes, which he quickly started referring to as the “Green Twin” to his Red Special. This guitar took place of the Greg Fryer replica that up until that point May used as his main drop-D tuning guitar.


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