Post Malone did a surprisingly good cover of RATM’s “Killing in the Name”

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Given that you’re on a website that deals mainly with guitars and music from the past century, some introduction to who exactly Post Malone is certainly needed. Malone is a Hip-hop and R&B artist born in 1995, who gained popularity with his hit single “White Iverson” released in 2015. Since then he worked with a number of currently popular musicians, such as Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and Kanye West.

By now you’re probably thinking what the hell does this guy have to do with the world of guitar and rock music. Apparently, quite a lot. Before becoming a popular hip-hop artist, Malone played the guitar and even auditioned for a band called Crown the Empire. According to his Wikipedia page, he got rejected due to one of the strings breaking during the audition.

Bill Burr Podcast

I first became familiar with Post Malone while listening to the Bill Burr podcast. In his ramblings, the good ole’ Billy, a drummer, and a rock and roll fan himself, mentioned a concert he attended on December 16th, 2016 at The Roxy Theater on West Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.

Bill Burr talks about Post Malone on his Monday Morning Podcast 12-19-16

The concert was organized by Dave Navarro and his band the Royal Machines. It included guests such as Macy Gray, Cypress Hill, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, and among them a guy nobody in the rock and roll circles really knows about – Post Malone.

According to the video available Malone sang “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine, and “Would” by Alice in Chains. Both were surprisingly good – to say the least.

Also, props to Dave Navarro and his band. He sounds really good and on point on that PRS. We’ll have to double check, but it seems to be just his regular Signature model (PRS SE Dave Navarro) in black color, gold plated hardware, and no pickup covers. No good shot of his pedalboard, but we’re guessing he’s using the DigiTech Whammy pedal during the solo – the same one Tom Morello used on the original recording of the song.

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