AC/DC’s “You Shook Me” Unplugged Acoustic on the Howard Stern Show

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AC/DC is one of the few bands that just avoid doing any sort of an Unplugged version of their songs. An AC/DC song pretty much always sounds exactly like it should sound, and exactly like it was intended to sound. Played through a Gibson SG (Angus) and a Gretsch (Malcolm), through a wall of Marshall speakers.

The closest we ever got to an Unplugged performance of AC/DC, at least to my knowledge, was during a Howard Stern interview, I believe from around March 2003.

I tried looking all over the internet for the full version of the interview, but it seems that all that remains is this short clip. Nonetheless, it’s awesome hearing the boys with acoustics, and if you haven’t seen/heard it before, here’s the clip (I will update it in case it gets removed from YouTube).

Interestingly, there’s another clip from the Howard Stern Show during which only Brian and Angus perform a “simplified” version of the same song. Apparently, this clip is from an even earlier date, from around 1997.

Again, I was unable to find the full interview, and I’m kind of wondering why is it always “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Was it Howard’s favorite perhaps, or was the 2003 performance just a throw-back to the earlier interview.

Interesting to point out in the second interview – Angus is playing a Gibson SG Junior with a single P-90 (single-coil) pickup in the bridge position. This is the first time I’m ever seeing him with this guitar, even though I’ve looked through hundreds of photos while doing research for Angus Young’s Gear Page.

Still sounds pretty awesome, even though it’s probably played through a tiny practice amp.

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