About GroundGuitar

GroundGuitar was born out of my love for two things – guitars and technology, and since its inception in October 2012, it’s been run by a single person.

That’s me – Dan Kopilovic, or using the original Serbian pronunciation – Danijel Kopilović (if you’re curious, “ć” is pronounced sort of like “tch”, but also not really. There are no counterparts to it in the English language).

Anyways, the whole idea behind this website in 2012 was for me to learn web development. And to do that, I needed a theme for my website. So, being the gearhead that I am, my mind jumped straight to “let’s do something about guitars”.

I remember visiting forums and websites back then, trying to figure out who uses what guitar, and there were mostly just these bland lists, showing the guitar brand, model name, and sometimes – the year in which it was produced. How boring.

But, like most of you, I wanted to know more, about when did that person buy the guitar, on which songs they used it, and the story behind it. So as I learned those things from online sources and books, I decided to also publish them on the website. To my surprise, many of you started reading it.

Over the years I also started doing reviews and other types of content (like YouTube), and a few of my friends have come along occasionally and posted some stuff, but the heart of this website are the gear lists, and will always be.

Are You Sponsored by Anyone?

No, I’m not sponsored by anyone, and even when I do reviews, I buy the products myself.

Do You Make any Money from the Website?

Yes, GroundGuitar makes money through ads and affiliate links. In all honestly, it’s not a huge amount, and I do it part-time/as a hobby. So sometimes, I’ll just not be around for weeks, and other times when real life allows for it, I’ll be here posting every day.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with me, you can do it by email, which I will try to read and reply to when I can.



PS. Since I’m (obviously) really into journaling stuff and keeping them in chronological order, here’s how the website looked over the years.

GroundGuitar home page in early 2013.
GroundGuitar when I first made it in 2012/2013.
GroundGuitar home page in late 2013.
First “update”, late 2013.
GroundGuitar home page in early 2014.
Early 2014.
GroundGuitar home page in late 2014.
Late 2014.
GroundGuitar home page in 2015.
Early 2015.
GroundGuitar home page in late 2015.
Late 2015.
GroundGuitar home page in 2016 and 2017
GroundGuitar home page in 2018.
2018 (what was I thinking…)
GroundGuitar home page in 2019.
GroundGuitar home page in 2020/
2020 (aka Kurt Cobain staring straight into your soul)