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Bio: Jeff Buckley was born on November 17, 1966 in Anaheim, California. As a child, Buckley was known as Scott “Scotty” Moorhead based on his middle name and his stepfather’s surname. His biological father, Tim Buckley, was also a singer and songwriter.
Jeff released his first EP Live At Sin-é in December 1993 for Columbia Records. The EP featured live recording of Jeff in a coffeehouse in Manhattan’s East Village.
His first and only complete studio album “Grace” was released on 23 August 1994. His second album “My Sweetheart the Drunk” was supposed to be recorded in 1997 (it was later released as collection of demo recordings named “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk”)

One night Jeff went to swim in the Wolf River, a slackwater channel of the Mississippi River, while wearing boots, all of his clothing, and singing the chorus of the song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. His body was found on June 4, 1997. The cause of the death was an accidental drowning.

To read more about Jeff Buckley visit official website dedicated to his life

Jeff Buckley’s Electric Guitars: link here

1983 Fender Telecaster “Top-loader” link here

Jeff Buckley Telecaster

Jeff’s most known guitar, which wasn’t really his own. The butterscotch colored Fender Telecaster that he often used was borrowed in 1992 from Janine Nichols, Arts at St. Ann’s Program Director, after all of Jeff valuables have been stolen from him after a robbery that took place in his apartment in Los Angeles .

Two modifications were done on this guitar. Firstly, Janine replaced the regular pickguard with a chrome pickguard seen on all photographs of the guitar. Second, Jeff put a Duncan Hot Lead Stack pickup in the bridge position.

The Telecaster was returned to Janine after Jeff’s memorial service on August 1, 1997. In 2011 it was put for auction, and reached the price over $50,000. The buyer’s identity is unknown. 
Here’s a short video from Dan´s Chelsea Guitars featuring Jeff’s Tele: Jeff Buckley´s Fender Telecaster 1983

Rickenbacker 360/12 link here

Rickenbacker 360 Jeff Buckley - Copy

His second guitar, used most notably on “Last Goodbye”. It had a black tape covering the top horn.

After Jeff Buckley’s passing, Jeff’s mother gave this guitar to Chris Cornell as a gift for his work on “Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk”.

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom [*]

Gibson Les Paul Black

Jeff purchased this guitar in 1995 in a Wisconsin state guitar shop.

Jeff’s Gibson Les Paul was on display in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which also included Jeff’s black wool coat, jodhpurs, white V-neck T-shirt and handwritten lyrics and poems.

He had another Les Paul which was a present for his 14th birthday.

Ibanez Talman TC620 link here

Ibanez Talman

Just couple of month before his death, Jeff purchased a dark green Talman TC620. The guitar had a pearloid pickguard, and P-90 pickups. 

It is quite possible that this wasn’t Jeff’s first Talman, as there are photos of him playing a grey TC620 couple of years prior to this.

* Although there are stories that Jeff owned a couple of more guitars (Fender Jaguar, Hagstrom I,Silhouette Musicman Electric Guitar). he hasn’t used them as much as the guitars mentioned above. These are all very interesting instruments, and if you have any information about them please post it in the comments and we will include it in our list.

Jeff Buckley’s Acoustic Guitars: link here

Guild F-50 link here

Guild F-50 This guitar can be seen on Buckley’s Chicago concert in 1995 with a tape covering the sound hole. Jeff seemed to enjoy this guitar very much, and it probably was his main acoustic guitar.

Gibson L-1 link here

Gibson L-1 Jeff used it live quite often. It can be seen in action on the bonus video material from the Live In Chicago DVD. 

Yamaha FG-470S link here

Yamaha FG-470S This guitar most likely belonged to Michael Tighe, who played rhythm guitar for Jeff. (thanks Michael C.)

Jeff Buckley’s Guitar Amps: link here

– Fender Vibroverb RI
Used on the Live in Chicago.

– Mesa Tremoverb
Also used on the Live in Chicago, but for overdrive.

– Fender Bassman 135

– Crate Vintage/Club 50 Amps

Jeff Buckley’s Guitar Effects: link here

– Boss Hyper FUZZ FZ-2

– MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Fuzz

– DOD Buzz Box

– Alesis Quadraverb
Heard on “Hallelujah”

– Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive

– TC Electronic Stereo Chorus

– Marshall Drive Master

– Maxon Real Tube Overdrive

– DigiTech Whammy Pedal

– Boss HF-2 Hi Band Flanger

– Whirlwind Selector A/B Box

– Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Jeff Buckley’s Guitar Strings: link here

– Dean Markley Blue Steel

– Dean Markley Acoustic

Jeff Buckley’s Picks: link here

– Dunlop Tortex .73mm

*To all of Jeff’s admirers: we highly recomend watching documentary called “Jeff Buckley: Remembered”. To watch it for free click the following link: Jeff Buckley Remembered in BBC Documentary

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